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why is mcafee Antivirus not installing

McAfee antivirus installation Error 0 McAfee installer was unable to download file Find this Technical Issues in Installation Error Download Pre-installer.McAfee antivirus installation error - 1877-929-3373 Call McAfee Technical Help. When you attempt to install a McAfee Windows security product, the installation fails and therefore the installer displays a red banner with either of the subsequent error messages: Unable to Continue Installation. we tend to square measure having hassle putting in your McAfee software package attributable to this. Error 0 Solution 1 Retry the installation. In most cases, can|this may|this can} resolve the difficulty and your product will install with success. If this still fails, you have got 2 options: Use our Virtual Assistant (see below) wherever we tend to walk you thru every step of the method. Use the manual steps shown in Solutions 2–5 of this text. begin with answer two and proceed to undertake the following solutions, as long as your issue isn't resolved.
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