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Jiaxing Jinmao Aluminum Co

Jiaxing Jinmao Aluminum Co. Ltd.is neighboring Shanghai and Hangzhou cities, enjoying convenient transportation and superior location. Our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters. We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum accessories with a large size. Our main product is contain LCD MONITOR ARM ,,KEYBOARD TRAY , DESKTOP SIT/STAND,OTHER OFFICE ACCESSORIES AND ALUMINUM DIE CASTING PRODUCTS . Jiaxing Jinmao Aluminum Co.Ltd. Add:NO3098 ,Shuanglong Road ,Daqiao Town ,Nanhu Area ,Jiaxing City ,Zhejiang ,China Tel: +86-573-83222192 +86-18757337928 Fax: +86-573-83225688 URL:http://www.jxjmly.com/ E-mail: ljxjmly@jxjmly.com
NO3098 ,Shuanglong Road ,Daqiao Town ,Nanhu Area ,Jiaxing City ,Zhejiang ,China
zhejiang china 312000 china