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Health & Fitness

Coach Psychology Health Resilience

Feb 9, 2016 |
Adele offers Psychological insight into health and well-being, how positive language affects health, mind mapping core values create happiness. Workshops and retreats for men and women relationships. ... Read more

Varicose Veins Cure India

Feb 10, 2016 |
Having performed more than 3000+ cases, Dr Shoaib F.Padaria is the leader of Varicose Veins Laser Treatment in Mumbai, India. Dr. Padaria pioneered the technique of Endovenous Laser Treatment for ... Read more

Cabinet Rheumatology Dr. Simona Popescu

Feb 10, 2016 |
Website presentation of Cabinet Dr. Simona Popescu. Cabinet covers rheumatology specialty and specialties: rehabilitation, physical medicine and balneology. It is located in Pitesti, at Alunului Str. ... Read more

Nursing Home NeuroPsiho Center Bucharest

Feb 10, 2016 |
Nursing homes NeuroPsiho Center is a project of the soul. The center is managed by a team of professionals coordinated by a psychiatrist with extensive experience in care of old people. ... Read more

Chiropractor, Lakeland Spine Center

Feb 10, 2016 |
Lakeland Spine Center's mission is to relieve musculoskeletal pain and related disease utilizing the most modern Chiropractic techniques available. Located on Florida Avenue in South Lakeland FL. ... Read more

Med Spa - Lakeland FLorida

Feb 10, 2016 |
Among the most advanced non-surgical cosmetic med spas anywhere, we offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and science for all of your cosmetic needs. At True MD, we believe that beauty treatments ... Read more


Feb 10, 2016 |
Though people often come looking for a dentist only when a toothache forces the issue. Long-term oral health requires consistent care, which is best done through a long-term partnership with a ... Read more